At Smallberg & Satornino, DDS, PLLC, we have always been focused on cleanliness and safety, so when the pandemic came, we were ready.

Our doctors and staff are trained in Infection Control and know how to treat patients in a safe environment.

We have medical-grade air filtration throughout our office.

All of our patient rooms are thoroughly disinfected between patients. All instruments are first cleaned in an ultrasonic bath with an enzymatic solution to remove any particles and then steam sterilized in an autoclave at the recommended time and temperature. We use sterilization bags with color-changing indicators and test our autoclaves weekly, as recommended, to insure the instruments are truly sterile.


All Doctors and Clinical Staff Members Use:

  • Lab coats that are disinfected with “Force of Nature,” a non-toxic disinfectant in between procedures.
  • Scrub caps to cover their hair, to prevent any shedding during procedures.
  • Level 3 disposable surgical masks, which are recommended for dental procedures.
  • Face shields to protect patients and staff, which are disinfected between procedures.
  • Disposable nitrile gloves, which do not contain latex, avoiding allergic reactions.

For those patients that request nitrous oxide (“sweet air”) we use disposable hoods (the part that goes over your nose) and disposable tubing (the tubes that lead from the nitrous oxide machine to the hood). This way, you do not have to worry about inhaling contaminated air.

Our office has an amalgam separator to ensure that when we remove amalgams (old silver fillings), the mercury in those fillings is separated from the waste water, preventing it from reaching the local water supply.

All of our dental labs that we use are located within the United States and adhere to strict guidelines that ensure your safety. We do not use any foreign dental labs that may use toxic metals or other components that may endanger your health.

We use as many digital records as possible to avoid contamination of paper records. All patients are welcome to fill out patient paperwork in the privacy and safety of their our homes or on their smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer. (Paper forms are provided if requested.)