First Visit

Smallberg & Satornino, DDS, PLLC provides family dentistry in a patient centered environment where you will feel relaxed and confident in their dental experience. By combining advanced dental techniques and technology with a gentle, friendly style, Drs. Smallberg and Satornino, along with their team will make you and your family more comfortable than you ever thought possible.

We bring a comprehensive approach to our dental practice, taking the time to get to know the concerns and goals of our patients. Your first visit will include an exam and evaluation of the entire jaw system to look for signs of wear and any imbalance that could signal a developing dental health issue and a pre-clinical consultation. During this appointment, you’ll have an opportunity to discuss your goals and concerns.

Senior Lady at the Doctor

Dental Exams Typically Include:

  • Screening for tooth decay, cavities and fractures
  • Recording existing tooth conditions and restorations
  • Periodontal screening to check for signs of gum disease
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Occlusal and TMJ evaluation
  • Digital dental x-rays when needed

New Patient Dental FAQs

What should I bring to my first dental appointment?
Please fill out and submit our patient forms prior to your first dental appointment. If you have dental insurance, please remember to bring that information as well. If you are seeking a second opinion or being referred by another dentist, contact our office to find out if we will need copies of your medical or dental records.


Do you accept dental insurance?
Yes, we accept nearly all dental insurance and are a participating provider with several other plans. We will handle all of the billing and paperwork needed to maximize your insurance benefits. Please bring your insurance card to your first visit. If you have any questions about your specific insurance carrier, please call our office.

Providing our office with your forms, insurance information, and previous dental records as early as possible, prior to your appointment, will help prevent any delays in treatment.


Why do I need to see a dentist?
We routinely do a thorough exam of the gums. Every year, there are more and more scientifically documented connections between dental health and overall health. Diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, respiratory disease, and cancer have all been linked to poor gum health.

Pregnant women who have periodontal disease may be more likely to have a baby that is born too early and too small. All infections are cause for concern among pregnant women because they pose a risk to the health of the baby.

We routinely screen for oral cancer, which, if undiagnosed, could spread throughout the body and become less treatable. We routinely examine the mouth and take x-rays to look for decay. Left untreated, decay could spread and cause an abscess, which could become a serious medical issue, if left untreated. We routinely look for wear on your teeth and any TMJ symptoms. This could lead to pain and further dental problems.

Schedule an Appointment

If you prefer to contact us via e-mail us to schedule an appointment, you can reach us at:

Please include your name, phone number, availability, and why you are making the appointment (new patient exam, emergency, previous planned treatment by the doctors).